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Posted: February 9, 2014 in WP Plugin
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I updated my testimonials plugins and released the new version 3.0 today. I completely updated the old functionality and added more powerful features in this version. There have a Design settings panel at backend. So any non-technical person can easily customize the default design. I added 600+ google fonts & colorpicker option. So you can change any font, color and size by a single click.  This version have 3 layouts (List, Grid & Table) & 7 unique skins.

See the more details here http://pwdtechnology.com/testimonials-plugin-for-wordpress-site/.

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  2. Onthod says:

    Is a very well written post….. Thanks so much for information. ….Sorry for my English

  3. Prosenjeet says:

    I am using this extension on my site but I am getting a box with a red cross on top of a testimonial. My WP 3.02 is installed in a folder.
    Cna you please help me sort this issue.
    The testimonial page link is as under:

    • chinmoy29 says:


      Thx for using my plugin. “box with a red cross” means image is missing there. “Juan Cito” have no avatar. Go to ADMIN->TESTIMONIALS->General Settings and change the template settings. If you don’t want to show the image so remove this “%image%”

      THX again. If have queries so feel free write here. I will contact you shortly.

      Cheers 🙂


      • Prosenjeet says:

        Great extension,
        However, lf a user has no selected avtar, there must be a default avtar that should take the place. I checked your script and see that the link you use for putting avatar for a user is “http://localhost/blog3.0/wp-content/plugins/testimonials/images/guitar.gif”
        I changed the domain name etc and now it seems to work.
        You may update the plugin so that if the user has no selected avtar, a default avatar takes its place by default

        • chinmoy29 says:

          thx for share the feedback. I will take care about it and I will update my plugin.

          But tell me one: R u satisfied for using this plugin? Any new feature is need? If you share your idea so i will be glad on you.

  4. Prosenjeet says:

    Great extension
    But, if a user has no avtar, the extension should put up a default avtar of its own. When I check your script, I find it looks for avtar at “http://localhost/blog3.0/wp-content/plugins/testimonials/images/guitar.gif”. When I changed the domain name etc, it worked. Can you make this url in a way that it doesnt look for avtars in non existant folders (localhost/blog3.0)

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  6. Prosenjeet says:

    I really like this extension and is a utility plugin! Thanks once again!!! 😉

    A change that may be considered-
    While adding testimonial it is seen the testimonial that has been added at the first place always remain number one in the page always and testimonials added later come after it. I suggest it should be other way round because a testimonial added on 1st January 2011 should not show below a testimonial addded on 1st Dec 2010. Latest one should be first in sequence.

  7. Prosenjeet says:

    It seems I am facing some issues.
    After I installed this extension, I am unable to drag widgets in the admin widget page and neither I can edit any of the widgets therein. Maybe this is because of siome antagonist plugin that I may have on my site already.
    Dont know whats wrong!

    • chinmoy29 says:

      commenting the three lines like


      in init_admin.php file

  8. Prosenjeet says:

    Whats that!!!!
    Sorry I am no techno ;=(

  9. Heiner says:

    nice plugin. But there a problems with the plugin “Fluency”. The menu items don´t open when “Testimonials” is installed and actice.

    • chinmoy29 says:

      commenting the three lines like


      in init_admin.php file

  10. Your4eea says:

    How to I create a Add Testimony page?
    I have the testimonial page which was automatically created, but how do users add a testimony?


  11. Your4eea says:

    by the way.. I am getting the following error in IE8. I have looked at the page/code causing and not able to see what would be causing it.

    Thanks for a great blugin.

    Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident/4.0; Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1) ; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; Tablet PC 2.0; .NET4.0C)
    Timestamp: Mon, 27 Dec 2010 04:29:16 UTC

    Message: Syntax error
    Line: 5
    Char: 12
    Code: 0
    URI: http://www.sysadminit.com/wp-content/plugins/testimonials/js/testimonials.js.php?ver=2.1

  12. Will Lanni says:


    I created a test testimonial using the free version of the plugin. I’d like to delete that test. I can’t find a way of deleting testimonials, I would have thought in the admin panel somewhere.

    How do I delete testimonials?

  13. Doktor Snake says:

    This is a killer WordPress plugin. Crucial. Beats doing it all manually. Lots of customization so you can whiz testimonials into a sidebar widget or on posts or pages themselves – shortcode stuff. Fact is, it’s worth paying a few dollars for the Pro Version. No site should be without it! Cheers Chinmoy! Supreme work!

  14. Garfield says:

    what if i buy the plug in and client changers domain nane?…how do i move the plug in to new domain…is there a license?

    • chinmoy29 says:

      if you put the plug-in on your test server for testing there have no problem. When you will live it on client server that time I will be registered for that domain. IF he changes the domain and put the plugin on new domain then you will delete the plugin from old domain. There have no problem.

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